COVID-19/FluA/FluB Walk-Up Testing

This form is for scheduling a walk-up COVID-19/FluA/FluB testing appointment at the Athena Esoterix Lab, which is located at 1247 Riverfront Pkwy, Suite 212 in Chattanooga, across the street from the Micronics building.

We are currently accepting reservations for patients at times between 8 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Friday.

First, add information for every person who will be taking a test. When you are finished, click the button which says "Proceed to next step."
Next, you will be given a short survey about each person receiving a test. We are required to ask these questions to fulfill state guidelines.
Last, you will be asked to provide information for payment, according to eligibility, and will pick an open time slot to come to our lab for testing.

Enter Payment Information

You will see a charge on your billing statement for $100.00 from Athena Esoterix, LLC.

This will be a one-time charge. We will not store your payment information.